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After 35 years of working in the agriculture field together with my husband, I am

now retired and have begun a home business of creating and selling art.  Having

always had an interest in painting, I now have the time and a chance to explore this

exciting venture.  My husband, Bob, and I have four children and now enjoy seven



In addition to family, I also enjoy quilting, gardening, long distance running, cross

country skiing, playing piano, choral singing, reading books and entertaining friends.


Abstract art is my magnet.  It permits an incredible freedom of expression: no restrictions

for specific shapes or recognizable forms.  Instead, it's more about color, energy, shapes,

lines and balance.  As such, my paintings are open to interpretation and they invariably evoke

a variety of feelings within the viewer.


It is always in hindsight, that when I look at some of my paintings and remember what space

I was in at the time, that I begin to realize how much the subconscious affects how I paint. 

There is a definite difference in the light, the use of defined lines instead of curves, choices of

color and so many other aspects that reflect an expression of an inner self emerging.


The world of painting is such an exciting venture for me.  I am most pleased to be sharing it

with you.


Esther Hildebrand

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